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Where can I find my contract templates?
Where can I find my contract templates?
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Hey pro! Are your contract templates suddenly missing when you start to create a new contract? We've got you.

Our most recent update to the contracts feature included some big changes to the workflow, not to mention added the ability for you to countersign and send contracts to multiple signers! As a result, any contract templates that previously required your signature prior to sending to your client need to be revived, so to speak.

Where did my templates go?

You can still find all of your templates, legacy or not, under Contract Templates. Easy, right? Just click 'More' in the left side panel, then click Contract Templates from the selection.

So, what does this mean for my existing contract templates?

Because these new features impact the contract workflow, all existing templates labeled 'legacy' will need to be updated. If you do not currently sign your contract, you can continue to use your existing templates.

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