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Duplicating a contract template
Duplicating a contract template

With our latest update to Contracts, you can now duplicate and convert legacy templates into new, accessible templates.

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What is a 'legacy' template?

A 'legacy' designation on a contract template indicates that the template is no longer available for use, and probably needs your attention!

How can I use 'legacy' templates?

A legacy template can either be 1) deleted or 2) duplicated and converted into a new template.

What does duplicating a template do?

It’s pretty simple, actually! From the menu on the right side of the template, select Duplicate. This will create a new template using the same source file. The template will be automatically named “Duplicate of [Template Name]” which you can edit at any time. The original template will be left alone until you choose to delete it, or duplicate it again.

What is a source file again?

A source file is the original file you used to create the template. This file is likely a .pdf or .docx version of your contract which you either uploaded yourself or provided to your Member Success Manager during the white glove onboarding process.

Pro tip: Store any source files in Company Folders so you can access old versions of your contract and update offline as needed.

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