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Countersign Your Contracts
Countersign Your Contracts

Countersigning allows you to sign a contract after your client(s)

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If you choose to sign your contract (business signer is optional), your RPC contract workflow is set up so that your client(s) complete their fields and then you as the business owner (or representative) will countersign, or sign last.

How to send a contract with a countersignature

1. Select "+ Contract"

2. Enter your client signer(s). For information about multiple client signers, click here.

3. Select yourself or a team member to countersign the contract. Note: any member of your team members is able to countersign. For more information about inviting team members, click here.

Screenshot showing how to build a new contract

4. Assign fields to your client(s) and to the countersigner. In this example, there are two client signers and one countersigner, "Kelly Planner." You can tell which person a field is assigned to by the field's color.

5. Once you have assigned the desired fields to your client signers and yourself, click "Send for signature". The contract will be sent when you click this button and you will interact with your fields after your client has completed theirs.

7. Your client(s) will receive an email notifying them that they received a contract to view and sign.

8. The contract status will initially show as "Sent". Then, the status updates to "Awaiting Signers" after at least 1 signature is received and will stay that way until all signatures (including the countersigner) are completed.

9. Once client signature(s) are completed, you will receive an email notification and be able to countersign.

10. After you sign, the contract status will update to "Complete".

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