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Can I have multiple clients sign my contract?
Can I have multiple clients sign my contract?

Multi-signer capabilities for contracts

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Yes! There are tons of use cases where you might want more than one party sign, initial, and/or acknowledge terms on your contract. Here are a few!

  • Prefer for both members of a couple to sign your contract?

  • Want to have a member of the couple plus another responsible party sign?

  • Need sign-off from two corporate contacts? You got it!

RPC is proud to offer capabilities for one client signer or two. You will need to determine how many client signers you want before sending a contract. Here's how it works!

Sending a contract with multiple signers

1. Select "+ Contract"

2. Enter one client signer or two (see screenshot below).

3. If you enter a second signer, any fields (initials, text, signature, etc) will need to be completed by the second signer. Adding a second signer is optional but once you do, you will need to assign at least one field to them.

4. Select a countersignature to be completed by yourself or a member of your team.

More information about countersignatures here

5. Assign the appropriate fields to your client signer(s) and yourself (or your team member). You'll see in the example below that the planner sending this contract has selected (2) client signers to initial, sign, and date the contract. The planner opted to countersign and they've selected themself (Kelly Planner) to sign and date the contract. You can tell which person a field is assigned to by the field's color.

What is the "Me (now)" role? Information here.

6. Once you have assigned the desired fields to your client signers and yourself, click "Send for signature". The contract will be sent when you click this button and you will sign after your client has completed theirs.

7. Your client(s) will receive an email notifying them that they received a contract to view and sign.

8. Your contract status will initially show as "Sent". Then, the status updates to "Awaiting Signers" after at least 1 signature is received and will stay that status until all signatures (including the countersigner) are complete. Once client signature(s) are completed, you will receive an email notification and be able to countersign.

9. After you sign, the contract status will update to "Complete".

We're here to help with ANY questions you have about contracts. Reach out to us at [email protected].

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