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What does the "Me (now)" signer role do?
What does the "Me (now)" signer role do?

RPC business members have the option to fill out contract fields before and after sending a contract

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What is the "Me (now)" signer role?

You, as the business owner/admin, have the option to add information to and sign a contract before or after your contacts sign. The "Me (now)" signer role allows you to select and fill out contract fields prior to sending the contract. The fields you use in the "Me (now)" role will be visible to your clients.

Using the "Me (now)" signer role

In the screenshot below, the business owner (Kelly Planner) has assigned a "Textbox" to themself in the "Me (now)" signer role and typed in the fee for the contract ($10,000). The client will see the $10,000 fee when they receive the contract.

The planner also assigned themself as a countersigner (purple fields) so they will sign and date the contract after the client.

Why would I use "Me (now)"?

The "Me (now)" role is awesome for any fields that change from contract to contract - fee, date, package, venue name, payment schedule, etc. Utilizing the "Me (now)" field allows you to edit those items on the fly without having to adjust your master contract file. Just leave those contract fields blank when you upload your file into RPC. Then select "Me (now)", drop in the desired textboxes/checkboxes, enter the information, and send your contract off in a flash!

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