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A simple solution for sending and paying invoices between vendors or contractors

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RPC has established itself as a leader in invoicing and payment processing between event pros and their clients. Now, we're taking it one step further - by offering simple, free vendor to vendor payments!

  • Need to pay your assistant or second shooter? We got you! Vendors on RPC can invoice you with your existing RPC account email address

  • Hosting a styled shoot and need to pay your vendors? Now you can - from your RPC account!

  • Providing services to another vendor/friendor in the biz? Invoice them in your RPC account and they can make a free payment (with no account or monthly fee)!

Video tutorial walking through RPC's vendor payment feature here:

Here's how vendor payments on RPC work:

Head over to your Invoices page and note there are now (2) tabs. One for "Sent" invoices and one for "Received"

Screenshot of Rock Paper Coin "Sent" Invoices page

"Sent invoices" include any invoice you or a member of your team has sent to a client. This page will also now show invoices you send to other vendors.

Note: Only team members with "Admin" permissions can send invoices to clients or vendors

"Received invoices" include invoices other vendors on RPC have sent to you for payment!

Note: you will not see invoices received by other members on your team - only your own.

Paying an invoice in your "Received" tab

Navigate to an unpaid invoice by clicking the "VIEW" button

Screenshot of Rock Paper Coin invoices list with invoice status

The invoice will include all of the details and functionality that you're used to (including auto-pay) but this time you are the recipient!

Screenshot of Rock Paper Coin "Sent" invoice showing item descriptions, discount, payment schedule, and unpaid balance

The first time you make a vendor payment, you will be required to add a new payment method.

Rock Paper Coin notification of payment account needed to pay an invoice from another vendor

Navigate to your My Wallet page and add your personal payment method(s) on your "Personal" payment tab

Rock Paper Coin "My Wallet" Personal page where payment information can be added to pay other vendors

You can use any credit or debit card or link a personal bank account (recommended) for completely free payments!

Once you've added your payment information, you can make a payment, turn on auto-pay, and copy a recipient on the receipt!

Rock Paper Coin payment modal with amount, payment method, autopay option and "Pay" button

The vendor you paid will receive an email and dashboard notification letting them know a payment was made. You will also receive an email for your records.

Get started with vendor payments

The best part? You don't have to do a thing to activate vendor payments. You can send and receive invoices between other vendors today - at no additional charge. Nickel and diming just isn't our thing!

Have questions about utilizing vendor payments? We're here to help! Send us a chat or email [email protected]

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