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How do I record a cash or check payment?
How do I record a cash or check payment?
You can record ANY payment in RPC so that all your transactions are in one place!
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We know you may accept an occasional check, cash or other payment – and we want you to be able to keep track of those payments along with everything else in your RPC account.

To record an "offline payment", head to the invoice, then click the 3-dot icon next to the payment that needs to be recorded and select "Record a payment"

Then, you will see a modal that allows you to enter the details of the payment.

Once your details are entered, click "Save". Your client will receive a notification that their payment was recorded so all bases are covered.

Then view and export your "offline payment" transaction history on your My Wallet page. This makes year-end bookkeeping a breeze since all of your payments are in one place!

Note: Recording offline payments in your RPC account is completely free!

Recording an offline payment video tutorial below.

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