Issuing a full or partial refund
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Rock Paper Coin offers easy refunds! Please see the 2 types of refunds below and note that both options allow for a full or partial refund.

Online refunds (payments made via credit card or ACH)

Navigate to the invoice you need to issue a refund on and select the appropriate payment. Click the 3-dot icon to the right of the "Paid" button:

Click "Refund payment" and enter the desired amount to be refunded (it can be anywhere between $1 up to the total installment amount). Leave a note for reference, if you would like.

Click the green "Refund" button.

To refund a full invoice, click on each payment and refund individually.

Please note, there is no fee to issue a refund, however the processing fee from the original charge is not returned by our payment processor, Stripe.

Offline refunds (such as check or cash)

Offline refunds can be recorded in your account but you will need to handle the refund with the offline payment method used. Click the same 3-dot icon and enter the information in the modal.

What happens with the processing fees when I issue a refund?

We demonstrate our dedication to providing a positive user experience by refunding processing fees when a refund is issued.

How Refunds Work

Business ABC charges a client a $1,000 retainer for their services.

The client pays $1,000 via Rock Paper Coin

The client is charged $1,000

Business ABC received $975 (minus the 2.5% processing fee)

Business ABC initiates a full refund

The client is refunded $1,000

Rock Paper Coin withdrawals $975 from Business ABC

Refund video tutorial below!

If the video doesn't load properly for you, click here to access the video on your YouTube channel.

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