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Folders for business members
Folders for business members

Upload and share files with clients + store company files for easy access

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How many times have you said, "I just want everything in one place"? Well now you can do just that. RPC offers two types of folders to keep track of client and company files. Say goodbye to countless email threads and constantly searching for the most updated file version!

Video tutorial walking through the basics of Client and Company folders

Client Folders

Client Folders allow you to upload and share all types of files (see compatible file types in the table below) with your clients AND any of their vendors on RPC.

Here's how to view and upload folders:

  1. Head to your "Folders" page:

2. The "Client" Folder page consists of all your clients on RPC with links to create folders specific to them.

Note: Recipients of guest invoices and contracts will not have folder functionality. If you would like to create folders for a "guest", you will need to invite them to join RPC with a completely free client account.

3. Click one of your clients (either the pink hyperlink or the "view" button)

4. View any previously uploaded files, the "last updated" date, the owner of the file (you, your client, or another vendor), and who the file is shared with.

5. Click the "NEW" button to upload new files for this client.

6. Once you've selected your desired file from your computer, determine who you would like to access it. Or if you don't want any other users to access, click "Cancel" and this file will only be visible to you.

7. You can update sharing settings or delete files by clicking the 3-dot icon on the right-side of your page. Note, you are unable to delete files that you are not the owner of.

Company Folders

Company Folders allow you to create folders and files for clients, projects, workflows, templates, team members, etc. These folders are not visible or shareable with clients or other businesses.

  1. View existing folders, their file source, and "added on" date in your Company Folder index.

2. Click the "NEW" button to create a new folder or file. All of the compatible file types in the table above are available in Company Folders as well.

3. To nest files in folders, click on the folder first. Then click "NEW" and "upload file". The selected file will populate in the corresponding folder.

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