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Quick Payments for Clients
Quick Payments for Clients

Customers can swiftly submit payments directly to their vendor on RPC. No invoices, no hassle — just quick and efficient transactions.

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How can I make a quick payment?

As a customer, you can make a quick payment to your vendor using a link provided by your vendor on RPC. Once you receive or click on a quick payment link, you will be prompted to provide the following information:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Amount (Note: If no dollar amount has been specified by the vendor, customers will specify the payment amount and the reason for the transaction.)

  • Reason for the payment

Click “Pay”, then select your payment method.

Note: Anyone can make a payment at a quick payment link. Just select either credit card or ACH/bank transfer, and add your payment method, or Clients on RPC can select from any saved payment methods.

Once you submit the payment, you’ll be taken to a new invoice that will act as a receipt for your payment. Be sure to check your email for payment confirmation as well!

How do I get a link in the first place?

A vendor can generate a quick payment link from their account, then get that link to you, the customer, in any number of ways. Here are a few examples:

  • send the link to their customer via text message

  • embed the link in an email template that they use to send the same type of email to many different people

  • create a button on their website that takes a user to the quick payment link

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