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Editing a contract
Editing a contract

What you need to know about editing a contract after it has been sent

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There are a few different ways you can make edits on a sent contract. Read on for the deets!

Editable contract fields

You can make adjustments to the following fields after sending a contract:

  • Contract Title

  • Event Date

  • Expiration Date

  • Signers (recipients)

Source file (document) edits

A source file is the original file you used to create your contract. If you need to make adjustments to the file, navigate to the contract and click "Edit." Then, click the pencil icon next to the file name. From there you will be able to replace your file and resend or save your updated contract.

Editing a contract that has been signed

When contracts are signed (or executed), they are not able to be edited. If you need to make adjustments to signed contracts, we recommend generating a contract addendum.

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