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Voiding a proposal, contract, or invoice
Voiding a proposal, contract, or invoice

Details about voiding proposals, contracts, and invoices

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Voiding a proposal, contract or invoice after it has been sent

Voiding an item after it has been sent is no problem!

  1. Just navigate to the proposal, contract, or invoice.

  2. Click "Edit"

  3. Click "Void"

This will void the item and ensure it is no longer accessible by your client.

Voiding a proposal that has been accepted

When a proposal has been accepted, it is not able to be voided.

Voiding a contract that has been signed

  • A contract with (2) signers and a countersigner can be voided when one or both clients have signed but as soon as a countersignature is applied, it cannot be voided.

  • A contract with (1) client signer and a company signature applied in the "Me (Now)" role, it can be voided up until client signature is applied

  • A contract with (1) client signer and no countersigner cannot be voided once client has signed

Voiding an invoice with a payment

When an invoice has received (1) or more payments (either online or offline), it cannot be voided. However, the invoice can be refunded or edited to reflect no future payments.

Here are the steps to "void" a partially paid invoice:

  • Tap to view the invoice > Edit > Delete your line items under "description."

  • Re-enter a line item to match the amount that was paid. You can also rename this whatever you'd like.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the invoice and select "custom" on the payment plan drop-down menu.

  • Delete the remaining payments and leave the already paid portion there.

  • Select "save" to refresh the page to show the invoice is complete.

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