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Sending a contract to another vendor
Sending a contract to another vendor

We understand you need to send contracts to both clients and vendors - here's how contracts between other vendors works

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One of the cool things about our industry is getting to collaborate and work with other vendors! From styled shoots and networking mixers to bringing on contractors for mega events...there are many reasons for contracting other vendors.

With RPC, sending a contract to another vendor works essentially the same as it does with a client. We've broken the steps down here in case it's helpful!

Fill out contract fields and upload file

  1. Select "+ Contract"

  2. Upload your contract file or choose a template if you have pre-loaded one into your account

  3. Enter your contract title, expiration date, and event date (optional)

  4. Enter the name(s) and emails(s) of the vendor recipient

  5. Determine whether you would like to countersign. If this is left blank, only your recipient(s) will sign.

  6. Drag the necessary fields to your contract and assign the "Signer" fields to your recipient and yourself (optional).

  7. Click "Send for Signature" when you're ready to fire off the contract!

  8. You'll receive an email notification when your recipient signs the contract

How contracts look to recipients if they are RPC business users

If your recipient is also a Rock Paper Coin user, they will receive the contract in their account. Any business user of RPC (owner, admin, or member) is able to accept and sign contracts from other vendors.

The contract displays in the "Received" tab. Business users are able to view and sign contracts in their Received tab with ease!

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