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I can't link my bank account
I can't link my bank account

Link your bank account using the micro-deposit option

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Usually the plaid/instant bank verification process is quick and easy but if you're having trouble linking your account, we've got a workaround!

If you've confirmed your bank login credentials are correct but are still unable to proceed, please follow these steps to link your account using micro-deposit bank verification.

  1. Access your free RPC account by clicking here and selecting "I'm a client"

  2. Go to your My Wallet page and click the green "+ Account" button.

  3. Select the bank/ACH option and instead of selecting "Plaid" verification, click the "micro-deposit" option linked in the text at the bottom of the modal.

4. Enter your bank information

5. Keep an eye on your bank account - in 1-2 business days, you will see two micro-deposits show up in your account. When you see the deposits, jump back into your My Wallet page and enter them.

6. Once you enter the micro-deposits you should see a success message that your account has been linked.

7. Lastly, go back to your invoice and make a payment. With your bank information stored securely in your RPC account, you can easily make any future payments without the need to re-verify!

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