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Building a Proposal utilizing Canva
Building a Proposal utilizing Canva

Who doesn't love Canva? Use a Canva design to make your RPC proposal shine!

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How to incorporate a Canva design into your RPC proposal

Canva is a game changer when it comes to just about any type of design. And besides being user-friendly, their free accounts are extremely robust!

Once you've built your design in Canva, getting it into an RPC proposal is a breeze!

  1. Click the "Share" button on the top-right of your Canva screen

  2. Select ".jpg" as the file type and click "Download"

3. Now that you have your Canva proposal downloaded, head over to your RPC account and click on your Proposals page.

4. Click the "+ Proposal" button

5. Enter your Proposal name and details, recipient information, and select "New Design"

6. Select "Image" from the Content menu items and drag the image to the blue placeholder box on the document:

7. Once you have the image placed on the document, click the image icon and view the image options menu on the right-side of your screen. Select "Upload" image or drag and drop your first canva page (image).

8. For multiple-page documents, you will repeat the process for each page (insert an image content item on the blank document and upload the canva image for each page)

9. Once you have your Canva images inserted, preview your document (using the black menu on the bottom-left of your screen) so you can ensure all details and styling are ship-shape.

10. Once your proposal is good to go, click "Send"!

10. Clicking "Send" will immediately fire your proposal off to your recipient. They will receive an email with a link to view and "accept" your fab proposal!

11. You will receive an activity feed notification when they view your proposal and you'll receive an activity feed notification and an email when they "accept" it!

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