Utilize one of RPC's proposal designs to save time and kick-start your document!

Building a proposal using RPC Designs (video tutorial)

Building a proposal using RPC Designs (step by step)

  1. Go to your Proposals page and click the "+ Proposal" button

  2. Enter your recipient name and email along with the event date (optional), and expiration date for the Proposal

  3. Click "RPC Designs" and select one of the pre-made templates

  4. Your template will load in the builder and you can simply click on each element (image, text, etc) and replace with your assets and information! You can also delete elements that you don't want.

4. When you're happy with your design, you can "Save" to access and send later. Or if you're ready to fire it off to your prospect, click "Send". Your recipient will receive an email with a link to view it. They can "export" to review the document further or "accept" to get the ball rolling!

Note: we recommend sending the contract for signature as soon as possible after proposal acceptance!

5. You will receive a notification in your activity feed when your proposal is viewed - and a notification in your activity feed and an email notification when it is accepted!

Note: After a proposal is accepted, you can no longer make edits to the document.

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