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Building a Proposal from scratch
Building a Proposal from scratch

Highly customizable proposal builder allows you to style your document exactly the way you want it!

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Wow your prospects with an eye-catching and professional proposal that showcases your company, style, products and services! Upload your logo, font, images, and messaging, and more.

How to build a proposal from scratch (video tutorial)

How to build a proposal from scratch (step by step)

  1. Go to your Proposals page and click the "+ Proposal" button

  2. Enter your recipient name and email along with the event date (optional), and expiration date for the Proposal

  3. Click "New Design"

  4. Select the "Content" options you would like to utilize and in the order of your choosing!

    1. First, we selected "Image" and dragged the image item to the top of the blank page.

      When you have your Image content item in place, click on the Image icon on your blank document and view the options for adding an image.

      1. You can upload an image file from your device

      2. Or you can select an image from the "stock photos" item. Use the search box to narrow down your search. Try keywords like "wedding", "flowers", "camera", etc

      3. In our example, we uploaded a logo file

    2. Next, we selected "Heading" and dragged the heading item underneath the logo. We selected our desired font, color, and size.

    3. Below the Heading, we selected "Columns" and dragged the Columns item over to our document. Then, we chose the 3-column item, and selected "images" to be placed in each of the columns. You can use a mix of any of the 5 content items in your Columns

    4. The next item, we utilized was "Text". This allows you to enter your own text (or copy and paste from another source), and adjust the style, color, size, orientation, etc.

    5. Lastly, we added a "Divider", selected our brand color, and adjusted the width of the divider line.

3. The other menu items are explained here:

  • Use "Blocks" to select various layout options for your content

  • Use "Body" to adjust universal styling on your document

  • Use "Images" to search and use images from thousands of stock photos

  • Use "Uploads" to access files you have uploaded from your device

4. When you're ready to preview your document, click the "Preview" item on the bottom-left of the page and select both desktop and mobile views.

5. When you're happy with your design, click "Save as Template" and title your Template to send at a later date. If you're ready to send, click "Send". Your recipient will receive an email with a link to view and accept your beautiful design!

6. You will receive a notification in your activity feed when the proposal is viewed. You will receive a notification in your activity feed and an email notification when your proposal is accepted.

Pro Tip: Currently, .jpg and .png files can be uploaded in the proposal builder. For an easy converter to take .pdf files to .jpg, click here!

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