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Navigating RPC as a client
Navigating RPC as a client

Yay! You're planning a wedding or event. Here's what you need to know about your free RPC account.

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We know planning an event can be stressful and overwhelming! We truly hope RPC lightens your load by helping keep track of your vendors, contracts, proposals, invoices, payment methods, documents, reminders, and more! All this while being completely free - you will never have a fee for using your RPC client account.

Video tutorial of a client account on RPC

Keep reading for tips about using your free, RPC client account.

Your dashboard

This is where you'll see your planner information (if you have one), countdown to your event, upcoming payments, vendor connections and most importantly - your notifications.


Notifications help keep you on track! Here you'll confirmations of payments made and contracts signed - as well as upcoming due dates! Don't worry - we also send you emails for important due dates too!

Note, you can archive notifications you no longer need to see by clicking the trash can icon.

My Wallet

One of the most important pages to check out when you sign up for RPC! The My Wallet page is where you can securely store payment methods.

Add a payment method

Just click the "+ Account" button to add as many credit/debit cards as you would like - and link as many bank accounts. This is a great way to distribute payments across various payment methods.

View and export payment history

Here you're able to view and export all invoice payments you've made to make budgeting easier! Just click the green arrow on the top right of the page to expand your payment table. Or click the pink paper icon to export as a .pdf or .csv file.

Two ways to pay your vendors

  1. ACH/Band Transfer payment - this method is completely free and allows you to instantly and securely link your bank account

  2. Credit card/debit card - this method incurs a 2% payment processing fee and it allows you to pay using a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover card.

Cash or checks

If your vendor accepts cash, check, or other payments, this is where you will see them recorded. If you wish to make a payment this way, please work directly with your vendor as they will need to record the payment for you.

Hope this gives you a jump start on using your RPC account! If you have ANY questions about navigating your account, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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