Providing a tip or gratuity to your vendor
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Say goodbye to running around your event with envelopes filled with cash to tip your vendors at the end of the night. Tipping can be a last-minute effort + take you away from your festivities - and we think there should be a better way to handle it!

How to tip a vendor

You are able to add gratuity of your choice on your last payment installment on your invoice.

Note: you will not see an option to add gratuity until your final installment - or unless there is only one payment installment on your invoice.

Your payment will always default to "NONE" for gratuity but you can quickly select one of the defaults of 15%, 18%, 20% or enter your own custom amount.

Tipping Standards

Tipping standards vary considerably and it's important that you feel comfortable with any tip amount, should you choose to add one. We found this helpful blog with tipping standards but we encourage you to research resources and ask around in your area as well!

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