Clients are now called "Contacts"

Your RPC account now supports sending contracts and invoices to "contacts" instead of clients or less step for you!

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You may have noticed your "Clients" page has been re-named "Contacts". This simplifies how you view and manage your contacts and saves you a step when sending a contract or invoice. Here's what you need to know before sending items:

  • When generating a contract or invoice to someone for the first time, simply enter the recipient's first/last name and email address (no more deciding in advance whether they should interact as an RPC client or guest!)

    • Your recipient will receive an email with a link to your contract or invoice and be able to take action without signing up for an RPC account. After signing or paying, they will have the option to sign up for their completely free RPC account to access their documents, securely store payment methods, manage files, invite vendors and more! (screenshot below)

  • When generating a contract or invoice to someone you have already interacted with on RPC, just start typing their name or email in the "Send To" box and a dropdown menu will appear for you to select the user

  • All other functionality on your contract or invoice remains the same

Now that you've got a handle on the new way to send items, let's talk about some of the added benefits of your new Contacts page:

  • You can now view ALL recipients on your Contacts page (whereas before "Guests" did not show up)

  • Your recipients will now view your items faster...without signing up first!

Note: Sharing files with clients is a GREAT way to collaborate and eliminate endless email threads - your clients/contacts will need to sign up for a free RPC account in order to use this feature.

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