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Why is RPC the best business system for event pros?
Why is RPC the best business system for event pros?

There are a lot of business software systems targeted to the event industry, see why RPC is one of the fastest growing and best rated.

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First things first, what exactly do we mean by business software?

While the features and functions of business software vary greatly, the one thing they all have in common is that they are 100% digital. Gone are the days of faxing contracts, receiving check payments in the mail, and even meeting clients face to face! The wedding industry has gone digital and so should our processes! At RPC, we also believe your business software should streamline your day to day workflows and make running your event business easier.

What features does RPC offer?

Rock Paper Coin offers all of the features you need - and none of what you don't need. Since the platform was built (and is still managed) by wedding planners, the functions are meant to address the biggest pain points without adding more workflows or projects to your plate. Below are the primary features of RPC but their in-house development team is always at work on something new!


Proposals are a key piece of the booking process for many event pros. RPC offers an intuitive proposal option that allows you to upload your own designs or choose from existing designs. Note, this feature is launching in October 2022.


It goes without saying, contracts should be built, sent, signed, and managed online. RPC's contract feature allows pros to build contracts that showcase their own branding, styling, and formatting - all while incorporating any necessary fields such as signatures, initials, dates, free typed text, check boxes, etc. Of course, the process has to be quick and easy for the recipient (or client) as well - so signing can be done in a moment from on any device!


Many event pros have a love/hate relationship with the invoicing process. It can be cumbersome to stay on top of, tracking down late payments is a pain, and there are always adjustments that need to happen. The Rock Paper coin invoicing process is perhaps one of the most powerful and popular features. Once again, custom branding is front and center, payment schedules are easy to set, tax and discounts are straightforward, invoices are extremely easy to update, and best of all, they come standard with automated reminders - no more setting reminders about upcoming payments, RPC does that for you!

P.S. the gratuity feature is another bonus - event pros on RPC take home more gratuity because of the gentle prompt on final invoices!

Digital Payments

There is no second guessing when it comes to payments on RPC. Funds are deposited directly into your bank account within 1-2 business days, on average. And all payments are processed using the payment industry's leading data encryption and security practices.


Document storage can be a big pain point for event pros. It's easy to have documents in several different places - and then more time is spent looking for a file than getting down to business. All RPC accounts come with two folder features - one to store client documents and files that can be shared with clients or not - and the other to store important company files that you access often. Company files can be stored with other team members, but not clients. And in both cases, ALL file types are accepted - even audio and video!

Third Party Collaboration

The RPC mission is to simplify and third party collaboration does just that. This feature allows vendors, planners, and clients to seamlessly collaborate and view items so that less time is spent emailing back and forth and sorting through lengthy threads!


Ok so we may not be able to spill the beans on this one yet...but a BIG partnership is in the works. And this is going to be a game changer! Accessing and building timelines is getting easier (and cheaper!) Stay tuned! Launching November 2022.

Low Processing Fees

Whatever business software you end up adopting, be sure to educate yourself on the processing fees. With many systems, it can be confusing to calculate and understand just what you're paying and that is extremely critical to your bottom line. Rock Paper Coin offers a low, flat fee of 2.5% so you know exactly what you're bringing home on every single invoice.

Unmatched Customer Service

Rock Paper Coin takes customer service seriously (but we have a lot of fun too!). One of the biggest reasons event pros choose and stay with RPC is because their team is informative, available, and always looking for new ways to support members. Many software companies only offer email or chat options but at RPC, you can connect with the team via chat, email, phone, or text! And you have a dedicated account manager to ensure you are set up for success!

If these features don't convince you, feel free to schedule a one on one demo to see for yourself why RPC is the best software in the wedding and event industry. 10,000 members have already made the choice - and we are so excited to welcome and support new event pros every day!

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