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How do I create a contract template?
How do I create a contract template?

Contract templates are a super time saver! Here’s how to create one.

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Utilizing contract templates is one of our favorite ways to streamline your workflows on RPC. Here's how to create a contract template:

  1. Head to your Contracts tab, then select Templates. Click the green +Template button to get started.

  2. Upload the file you’d like to work from. This can be formatted in most major file types, but we recommend .pdf, .doc, or .docx. Be sure to select the checkbox to “sign before sending” if you want to initial, sign, or add custom fields before sending the contract to your client.

  3. Drag and drop custom fields into your document! Dropbox Sign offers tons of customization options, from fonts and sizing, dropdowns and checkboxes, free-typed text, and autofill - to the standard fields you’d expect such as signatures, dates, and initials. You can also toggle between required and optional fields, depending on your needs!

  4. Double check everything looks good, then click Continue in the upper right-hand corner. Boom! You’re on your way.

If you have any trouble accessing the video above, please try clicking this link.

Tips, please!

  • Be sure to format your original document with enough space and appropriate sizing! Leave enough blank space or “______” to add your custom fields in HelloSign, adjust line to 1.5 or double spacing, and leave extra space for any text boxes.

  • Send a test contract to yourself, or your MSM, to ensure everything looks just right. Click to create a new contract and select your new template to see it in action!

  • Need to make changes? Just start over! You can create as many variations of your templates as you need and delete files at any time!

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