Easily export a .pdf or .csv file of your transaction history for hassle-free bookkeeping and forecasting
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We all love that wonderful time of the year in April. Collecting your yearly income, gratuity, etc. can certainly be a pain. Keeping with the RPC theme of simplicity, running a report is extremely easy and user-friendly on Rock Paper Coin. To access your detailed account transaction history:

1. Head on over to your "My Wallet" page and you will find everything you need in order to export your Pay to Account or any offline charges recorded in your account (such as cash/ check payments).

2. You are able to filter the dates of the report so you can easily see weekly monthly, yearly, or custom defined date ranges of information.

3. You are also able to select what type of file you prefer - .csv (who doesn't love a spreadsheet?) or .pdf!

4. After clicking the "Export" button, the report will be generated and emailed to your address on file with RPC. It usually shows up in a minute or two but sometimes for larger reports, it does take several minutes.

Need a lil' more assistance? Here is a step-by-step video to walk you through the reporting process!

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