What are permissions?

Permissions let your planner work on your behalf.

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Permissions take the load off by allowing your planner to take care of the paperwork on your behalf. When you assign permissions to your event planner, you are giving them the ability to act on your behalf on RPC.

Don't worry, you can remove permissions from your planner at any time.

What do permissions actually do?

There are several different permissions, and each one gives your planner the ability to do certain things on your behalf.

View and manage your vendors

This allows your planner to do the following:

  • view and manage your connections with other vendors on RPC.

  • view all contracts and invoices sent to you by other vendors

This permission must be turned on in order for any of the other permissions to be turned on.

Sign contracts on your behalf

With this permissions, your planner is able to sign event contracts that are sent to you by other vendors on RPC.

Your planner will not be able to sign on your behalf for any contract that they send to you, only those sent by other vendors.

Pay invoices on your behalf

Your planner will be able to make payments on your behalf. This allows them to:

  • make payments on invoices sent to you from other vendors

  • use payment methods you have already added to RPC for those payments

  • turn on/off autopay for invoices sent to you by other vendors

This does not allow your planner to do any of the following:

  • add new payment methods to your account

  • pay invoices that they sent to you

  • manage autopay for invoices that they sent to you

  • use your payment methods for anything besides paying invoices on RPC

Note: Your payment methods are stored using the latest security methods. Your planner does not have access to your payment details, only the last 4 digits or nickname of your payment method

Manage your documents

This allows your planners to see and manage the files in your "My Folder" area. This allows planners to do the following:

  • see all documents you have uploaded

  • share documents you have uploaded with other vendors you are connected with

  • see all documents that have been shared with you

Is there anything else I should know?

  • You can only assign permissions to one organization at a time. If you decide to start working with a different event planner on RPC, assigning the new planner some permissions will remove them from the organization you previously assigned them to.

How do I remove permissions?

  1. Navigate to your Vendors table by clicking on "Vendors" in the top navigation bar.

  2. Find the vendor with the star icon next to their name, and open the menu by clicking on the three dot icon (" ⋮ ") on that vendor's row

  3. Click "Edit permissions"

  4. In the modal that opens, turn off any permissions you don't want your vendor to have, and then click "Update" to submit the changes.

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