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What is white glove set up?
What is white glove set up?
White glove set up allows member to delegate account set-up and configuration tasks to their Member Success Manager in seconds.
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What is White glove set up?

A completely FREE service where Member Success Managers access your account to complete business and social profiles, configure and upload contract templates and company documents, and guarantee that your account is optimized for your business and ready to use!

What are we optimizing for?
Rock Paper Coin teammates dive in and set up your account, taking special care to ensure all elements align with your brand -- checking that your logo is correct and displaying properly, adding a business description that matches your website and/or social profiles, and linking to your social pages (instagram, facebook, twitter, etc) so that clients see your work! Members find that having a complete account and business profile allows clients and other vendors to share instagram posts, pinterest boards, and vital contact information more easily.

What do you mean about uploading a contract template?
This is one of the biggest advantages of white glove account set-up! Email the contract(s) you currently use in word, .docx, or pdf form to [email protected].
Your designated Member Success Manger will receive your file(s) and upload to your account with all signature, date, and customized fields for both you and your client to interact with. Then, when you're ready to send a contract, you'll simply select the preloaded template, enter the custom details, and send! Having your contract templates ready to go in your account saves you TONS of time and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. Plus, clients appreciate the ability to sign digitally from their phone or desktop!

How long does this service take to complete?

We generally turn things around in 1-2 business days!

What will happen when it is completed?
Your dedicated Member Success Manager will email you a recap of all changes made and offer a personal account tutorial so you feel 100% comfortable using its features!

When can I start my white glove service?
TODAY! Email [email protected] now to get started. We look forward to getting your account ready for action while polishing the brand experience for your clients.

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