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Setting up your pay-to account
Setting up your pay-to account
Your pay to account is where we deposit your invoice payments so it's kinda a big deal!
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One of the first and most important items to tackle after signing up is adding your “pay-to” account. This is where your payments are deposited…so it’s kinda a big deal! Because we don’t want you to run into any unexpected delays in receiving payments, we ensure that your information is submitted and verified by our payment processor, Stripe, before invoices can be sent.

Where do I enter my pay-to information?

Your My Wallet page is where you will enter your bank information.

This is the list of items required for SOLE PROPRIETORSHIPS

Legal name of sole proprietor

Last 4 digits of SSN


Tax status (sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC, etc)

Bank routing

Bank acct #

Date of birth


This is the list of items required for CORPORATIONS

Legal business name

Business tax ID/EIN


Tax status

Bank routing

Bank account

Business address

Business representative title (CEO, Owner, etc)

Business representative date of birth

Business representative address

Business representative % ownership

Number of representatives who have ownership of company and % ownership

Tip: no matter what type of business you have, it’s very important to ensure all information entered matches exactly as it appears on your legal documents, specifically your SS-4 or 147-C tax forms. Stripe will not accept nicknames, added or missing punctuation, DBA’s or any variance in the information. In addition, the name on your bank account should match the legal name you provide.

Example SS-4 and 147-C forms on the IRS website here.

Once your pay-to account is verified, head back to your pay-to section to view and manage payments deposited to your account. From here, you will see payout dates, amounts, client names, and quick links to invoices. You can also export payments for all your bookkeeping needs!

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