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Guest contracts and invoices
Guest contracts and invoices
Your solution to send contracts and invoices that are signed and paid from an email link - with no RPC signup!
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While there are a lot of benefits for your clients to sign up for RPC (budget management, secure portal for payment methods, keeping track of all event docs and vendors in one place, etc), we know not everyone wants to sign up for an account.

Now, you can send a contract or invoice that your prospect/client can fully execute via email alone.

1. Click the “+ CONTRACT” or "+ INVOICE" button from your dashboard or contracts/invoices pages

2. Select “SEND TO GUEST” in the name dropdown field

3. Enter the NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS of your client/recipient

From there, continue preparing your contract or invoice as usual Then when you’re ready to fire it off, click “send”. That’s it! Your client will receive an email with a clickable link to view and sign the contract or view and pay the invoice. There is no change to contract or invoice functionality whether you send to a client (user who signs up on RPC) or guest (user who executes via email alone).

So to recap, you now have (2) ways to send contracts and invoices.

  1. Send an invitation so that your client views their contract and invoice in their free RPC account.

  2. Send guest contracts and invoices for clients that don’t want an account – they will view and manage docs from their email alone.

Tip: We know everyone is on the go, go, go and that’s why we’ve enhanced our mobile experience so that your clients can sign contracts seamlessly on any device – anywhere!

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