What are the fees?

Subscription fees and payment processing fees...explained!

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At RPC, we are 100% transparent about payment processing fees. It's important to you so it's important to us. Here's the deal.

Payment processing fees

  • Vendors: You pay a 2.5% fee on all online transactions (one of the lowest processing fees on the market!)

  • Clients: RPC is completely free unless you prefer to pay with a credit card. When using a credit card there will be an added 2% fee.

Subscription fees

  • Monthly $37 (month-to-month flexibility)

  • Yearly $395 (almost $200 savings!)

  • Want to try us out before committing? We would too. Enjoy 30 days on us to get a lay of the land!

Can I pass along fees to my client?

Yes! Vendors can pass along all credit card fees to clients. ACH fees are not able to be absorbed by clients.

Learn more about our subscription plans here.

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