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How do I transition existing clients to RPC?
How do I transition existing clients to RPC?

A step by step of how to easily bring your clients over to RPC

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Recently signed up for RPC and wondering what to do with existing clients? We’ve got hassle-free tips to make the transition easy for both you and your clients!

Clients who have signed a contract and paid an invoice prior to RPC:


No need to shake things up. For clients who already have an executed contract outside of RPC, just upload the file into their RPC folder! For any changes or updates to the contract — for instance, a date change addendum — feel free to use RPC to generate that new document.


If your client has already signed a contract, chances are they have made an initial payment to secure your services. Feel free to upload that payment record into the client's RPC folder so you can reference all their information in one spot. Next, this is a great way to familiarize yourself with RPC invoicing. Just pick up where things left off! Send your client one invoice for all future/unpaid invoices. Here are a few tips...


1. You can include previous paid invoices (invoices paid outside or prior to your account with RPC) as an attachment so that your client has a quick reference to their payment history.

2. You can list previous payments received, dates, and details in the notes box

Clients who have not signed a contract or made any payments prior to RPC

Great, this is easy – send them a proposal, contract, or invoice - or send all 3 in one bundle! Click the "+ NEW" button in your dashboard to get started!

If you have any further questions about how to transition to RPC or feedback for how we can make it easier for you, please let us know at [email protected]

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