Inviting a client or prospect

Sending client invitations so they can view, sign, or pay items

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We are all familiar with the process of sending friend or connection requests (facebook, instagram, snapchat, linkedin, the list goes on…) in order to send/receive messages or view someone’s profile information. RPC works the same way. You need to invite clients to connect in order for documents to be accessed.

There are several different ways to invite users to RPC so we are going to walk through the options below.

Note, B2B connections are not offered currently but that functionality is on our product roadmap. If you’re a vendor/business who wants to contract or invoice another business, you can generate documents to their non-business (personal) email address so they can access items as a client. Guest invoices are a great option for invoicing other vendors – again, just be sure to use a personal email address so that if they choose to sign up for an RPC business account, they will be able to do so with the appropriate email address.


1. Inviting a client and sending them a contract or invoice at the same time

This is one of our most popular workflows!

Step 1. Click “+ Invite” on your dashboard

Step 2. Enter the name and email for the primary contact, and check the appropriate box(es) for contract or invoice

Step 3. Click “send” and we’ll lead you through the rest. Here’s a step by step video demonstrating the process.

The great thing about this method is that your client only receives one email with a link to sign up and view your contract and/or invoice. Plus, when they sign up, they will be automatically connected to you – so they can go directly to signing or paying.

2. Inviting a client

Maybe you’re not ready to send documents yet. Sending an invitation to a client allows them to sign-up, fill out their profile information, enter their payment methods and get familiar with the system before taking action.

To send an invitation to a client, follow the steps above and leave the contract and invoice checkboxes blank.

3. Inviting a vendor as a PLANNER on behalf of your client

You’re a planner who wants to make things as easy as possible for your clients. Here is another opportunity to move the process along by taking action on behalf of your clients!

Here’s how to invite vendors to connect with your client on RPC:

Step 1. Go to your clients page

Step 2. Click “view” next to the client you want to connect with a vendor

Step 3. Go to the vendors tab

Step 4. Click “invite a vendor”

Step 5. Enter the name and email address of the vendor

Step 6. Click send!

The vendor will receive an email letting them know they have a request to connect on RPC with a link to quickly register. After registering, they can send contracts and invoices to your client – and you’ll be able view all activity regarding the documents and payments.

Planner tip: Invited vendors will display in your client’s vendors tab even if they do not sign up on RPC. So feel free to use this as a comprehensive vendor list!

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