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Getting started on RPC!
Setting up your RPC account
Setting up your RPC account
With our free white glove set up service, we do most of the heavy lifting - you just have to take care of 2 quick steps!
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Cue the confetti! You just joined the newest, fastest growing wedding and event platform in the biz! We’re THRILLED to have you. But now that you signed up, you’re probably wondering, where do I start? Don’t stress, we’ve got you. One of the biggest reasons so many small business owners are choosing RPC is because it’s easy to use. And we get your account ready for action FOR YOU! You'll just need to take care of 2 easy steps.


This is THE most important step. We partner with Stripe to offer the easiest online payment options for both you and your clients. So in order to get paid (or send an invoice), you need to enter Stripe-required business information.

  1. Visit your "My Wallet" page and click “add” pay to account. Be sure to fill out all fields on the form carefully. You should see a success message indicating your information has been submitted.

  2. At this point, you can send an invoice but keep a close eye on your email as pay-to account setup is generally a 2-step process. We will send an email if additional information is needed before accepting payments. We will also show you what information is needed when you log into your RPC account…so you can’t miss it!


A charge account is required. This needs to be a credit or debit card . It is used for subscription fees and dispute fees (fingers crossed there will be none of those!)

That's it! Our Member Success Team will work with you to obtain your existing contracts and files to upload into your account. They will also add your logo, social profiles, business description, and enable the recommended settings!

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